AZM400 Safety Switch

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Characteristic properties of the AZM400 include the very high holding force of 10,000 N, the bistable active principle and the electro-motorised locking bolt. This means that the new range is also suitable for very large, motor-powered safety doors, e.g. from CNC processing centres. The combination of electronics and sensors represents a high level of availability from the user’s perspective as well as interesting additional functions with a very high level of safety.

The fail-safe AZM 400 bolt interlock consists of a locking unit with sensor technology and a
motor-driven locking bolt, along with an actuator that features an encoded RFID-tag and a locking hole in which the locking bolt engages. As soon as the locking bolt has reached sufficient depth, the guard system is considered to be safely locked. Here, the AZM400 reaches a holding force of 10,000 N.

The AZM400 is a bistable system, which maintains the last locked status of the interlock in the event of a power failure. Even with hazardous run-on movements, the safety door remains securely interlocked if the voltage supply should be interrupted.