FlexQube 100% Customized Carts

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The possibilities are endless… if you can think it up, it can be created for you! FlexQube creates solutions based on your requirements to suit your specific needs while providing robust, modular and ergonomic solutions for material handling.

Basic Design

The basic design of a FlexQube cart is a base frame with a top structure attached to it. The bottom frame is usually equipped with a set of casters, handle bars, tow bars and a brake. Each of these attachments is specified and located optimally to suit the actual application and the ergonomic requirements. The dimensions of the base frame are adapted to your actual needs.


The top structure is optimized for the type of cargo to be carried. It can be anything from a solid steel flatbed for heavy pallets to an advanced rack for a model specific assembly kit. The design of the top structures depends on whether they will be used for material transport or to present material to operators for picking.


FlexQube carts can be easily adapted to any transportation need. Our carts can be transported manually with a handle bar, towed with a tow bar, lifted with a fork truck using fork pockets or automatically transported using AGV attachments. The choice is yours.