SRB-E-201ST Safety Relay

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The PROTECT SRB-E is a series of multifunctional, configurable, electronic safety controllers. The series variants include

  • modules with safe PNP outputs,
  • monitoring of two-hand controls,
  • monitored input expansion up to Cat.4/PLe
  • multi-evaluation of up to 4 safety guards up to Cat.4/PLe
  • high 5.5A PNP switching capacity
  • fast cycle times (60 switching cycles/min)
  • cascading series connections of safe outputs

Each module can be adjusted to one of up to 11 preset configurations which include selecting the type of reset, activating or deactivating cross-wire monitoring, and selecting the monitored contact configuration – all via a rotary dial on the front. Once changed to the desired setting, the dials are protected from further adjustment by a transparent front cover which can be easily secured with a security seal.

The PROTECT SRB-E series provides a higher level of diagnostic capabilities with LEDs for both controller status as well as error fault codes, thus assisting with troubleshooting safety circuits.